Nuisance (5)

Nuisance was one day admiring two people in love. The way they were outshining in the garden full of people. She could see those big curvy smiles. The way they were holding each other’s hands like every mother would hold of her child. She found everything about them so beautiful, together they rendered peace.

The other day, she saw them…

Why is it I wonder,
What do people understand by the word ‘commitment’?
I wonder, what do they understand about love.

I wonder why is parting ways so easy.
Also, why is falling in love?
Why is ‘I love you’ just another three word expression?
That has no value left.

Why is that we aren’t strong enough to stay single?
To deal with life. Alone.
Or why are we so desperate?

Why is it that breakups matter for a mere fortnight?
In a month’s time we fall for someone else.
Why is it, that the value of love is no more?
Or why just a very few people understand?

Why is it that it is easy to kiss, and difficult to fight?
Why is it that we cannot tackle problems, we run away.

Three months ago, sunny was mine and now it is bunny.
Why is it that we get bored of the one we love?
Or we cheat.

Why is it that someone who is new fascinates us more?
Why is it that we love over money and the dick.
Why is it that we don’t realise the essence of relationships?

Why is it, so easy to fall in love.
Or maybe we have never understood what is love.

– Nuisance
( The girl who doesn’t exist but is absolutely real )

 …them quarreling over who doesn’t deserve whom, and who should be with whom.

– Aarti Motiani