Nuisance (3)

“If you ask me, I’m not a strong woman, and I don’t wish to be one.”
“By not strong I don’t mean weak, I mean sensitive.”

Every time nuisance counter questioned herself, she made sure she was clear about everything. She never felt like being strong and fighting with the world, she was sensitive, smooth and comforting.
She never denied to accept that she was afraid of a lot of things, which is not wrong.

Never denied to the fact that she was in search of love, which wasn’t desperate, but whenever she told about her search to someone, she made sure she mentioned that, because people are not people but judges.

She always knew she was sensitively strong.

Strong had a different definition for her, by strong she didn’t mean fierce or open or bold or having a lot of boyfriends, one night stands, bottles of whiskey, or dealing with life strongly.
By strong she meant having the power to have control on her own self, on having the confidence of speaking out the truth and just the truth. By strong she meant, the ability to solve things out, in the way they should be solved, and she believed if not today, one day she will be the sensitively strong woman she aspires to be.

She, like other women has gone through a lot, but still she wishes to be what she is, because she believes, she is one pure soul, who should be affected by none.

And that her breasts have the power to hold all the impurities and things that’d make her weak, until the skin, and not let the flesh inside get affected.

If once in a while it does, she knows she can curl up at night, holding a book and fall in love with the characters, that she can rely upon.

Her life is a novel that she loves to read.

– Aarti Motiani