Nuisance (2)

What if people knew that all these parameters that make us a little less human, are set by us, and us, ourselves?

What if dark was made beautiful, and fat was appreciated?

What if the girls who weren’t virgin would’ve been more significant, and a body with flaws was looked upon?

What if a man was considered manlier if he didn’t fight for his beloved physically but smartly, and the guy at a coffee shop wasn’t just a waiter but a human who served?

What if the one who was blind, or differently abled was not given sympathy but love and money was never a parameter to fall in love?

What if women were beautiful if they were fat and dark, and men were handsome if they were thin and short?

What if education was never a parameter to racism, and whores were appreciated for their gratefulness?

What if a girl was never judged by her age, and a size of penis didn’t define manliness?

What if humans were humans and not judges?

– Nuisance.
( A woman who doesn’t exist, but is absolutely real)

She saw a girl, who was being made fun of, because of how her boyfriend looks on the street yesterday and while she was thinking all of it, she realized what if all these parameters were made vice versa, or what if they were never made?
She realized ironically humans are only ones who should be in desperate need to learn humanity.

– Aarti Motiani