Nuisance (1)

( “Hey” .

“I love you, and I wish to marry you”

Nuisance was 5 then, and to mesmerize you a little more, a man, who was 24 said this to her. She had her dreams tucked in her brown belt that she loved to wear, and the idea of marriage was always a fascination. Not much later, while she was playing the jigsaw puzzle with him, he commenced his act of love, ( that is what it was for him ) of which nuisance was completely unaware.

She has this little mind that was filled with addition problems, chocolates, her favorite teacher and above all her red skirt that her father gifted to her on her last birthday. She would play tablas on her belly and make the world laugh, recite poems in her kiddish voice and win hearts, but then, oh! Wait. He pulled her skirt over her knees, licked her thighs that were clean enough to not stop touching, he got along the bed and suddenly…)


I wish, I were 14 when he was 24.
So that I wouldn’t have these nights to deal with,
I would feel beautiful with my stretch marks,
And these huge thighs wouldn’t be a burden.

I wish I was taught about a bad touch,
I wish I was taught to shout,
I wish I had not loved my candies so much,
I wish I didn’t love the idea of marriage so much.

I wish, I never met, this side of me,
When my belly intakes no food,
When my skin yells to swell,
When my heart shouts no good
And my mind encourages crime

When the mornings don’t look sunny,
And the nights don’t seem to be dark,
The happy voices don’t reach my ears,
The beds are never comfortable
And all I can tell the world
Are my stories that are as dear as candies were to me.

(I wish I meant it, and I weren’t sarcastic ) .
– Nuisance

( A girl who doesn’t exist, but is absolutely real)


Suddenly her hand that would always rest on his shoulder went near her thighs, but all he did was brutally move them, for he found love in a five year old girl and made sure she never breathed anymore. .

– Aarti Motiani