(Artwork by Ritvi Ojha)

She comes for me every night,
Embraces me in her seductive cloak,
Filled with needles;

Painting her grey roses with my blood,
She breathes suffocation.

Every time’s there’s a lump of weight
Stuck at the center of my throat
(Making it difficult to breathe),

She gets drunk on my tears,
I develop a taste for her smile.

She turns scars into wounds (a suffering in vain)
Making everything numb except my brain,
But it’s a beautiful kind of pain.

I cannot see but I shiver at her vibe,
For I know she will enter my body and ruin me;

I know I won’t be able to survive,
But I can’t stop her because I have started to enjoy this.
She’s BDSM hitting at my balls and making me hard anyway.

She is just like the girl who friend-zoned me.
She’s anxiety.

– Shantam Sahai

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