Don’t fall in love with me

I will take you to the meadows and let you feel the nature’s wave wash over you, while the sun shines not too bright and the sky is just the right color of grey.

You will learn to fall in love with silent libraries, spiral staircases and warm cups of cappuccino. You will learn to find solace in the old letters I have secretly hid in the drawer beneath your table.

I will make you have me all day;

Only to run back into your arms in the night so that we can have our dinner of popcorn and movies together. There will be rose petals strewn all over the floor and your mind painted with red and tinted with a light pinky shade that you’ll gradually fall in love with. We can make castles out of Oreos and guards of candy sticks.

I will wake up next to you every single morning and make love to you in the first hour of dawn. My fingers will mark your soul with red stripes and dig mini- craters into your heart with mine. I will mess up your hair and your head and all you’d want to do all day is stay back with me back home on the couch.

I will have you wholly, consume your soul’s curiosity and replace it with hunger, with thirst so unquenchable. I will be either with you or in your mind. I will lure you everywhere and you won’t be able to turn off my voice inside your head while you’re working because you know, that’s all you want to hear right then.

We can walk on the beach at night inside the blanket of stars where the waves would just touch our feet, and we can go to the parties and leave them because we are more restless to cave in to ourselves. I will spoil you with my recurrent presence;

You can’t ever get enough of me.

I will leave my traces everywhere, the balcony, the kitchen, the backseat of the car and your neck. Give into your sins and lose your sanity, because baby, that would never work with me. Our love won’t be all sugary sweet, but you will feel like that warm fireplace where you kissed me for the first time.

I will tow you away to places you have never been to with my conversations and you will learn to make your love unguarded and vulnerable. I will leave you with dark traces of myself, each holding a piece of me, something you’d want to relish over and over again.

So that when you fall out of love with me, you won’t survive.

Suchi Pragyan Rout

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