Just for you

(Photograph by Abhay Tiwari)

“Seems I failed to feel the real love.”

It was a thought since morning and suddenly I saw your picture in my photo gallery. I saw you, smiling and beautiful. I went to the thoughts of beautiful white lilies and star packed sky. It makes me feel like a cocoon; inside the shell but still willing to come out. Love, it wants to flow from your eyelids to mine, so I tried. However, isn’t trying against love?

Can’t everything happen without trying?

I am a cocoon with my wings inside a shell. Will you let your sunshine melt me so I can fly? Only you can decipher the script I speak in and give me a fragrance of bloomy orchids. My soul is craves for spring.

I want you to fly with me in a different world. However if you love me, let it go beyond words. Words create boundaries and I want to explore the limitless multiverse with you.

I have been searching for you; in eyes of my partner and in the soft touch of your pinky fingers. However, I couldn’t find you. Love, where are you?

Maybe I will see you in my photo gallery again.

– Pallvi Joshi

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