“Fucktard! You hard tonight?
Yea come over, bitch!
I’ll have the drinks ready
And I’ll have myself for you”

Should we be these animals biting into each other’s bodies; ripping out cavities off our withering conscience and quenching thirst with the last drops of passion our grey arteries could afford?

Later we pee on our souls; left to rot and we sit still against our backs lovingly and then un-lovingly, or we could do the same? Sit still against our backs; un-lovingly and then lovingly, someday afternoon at a bus stop.

We choose to take up two hearts lying somewhere underneath the piled debris of the city wear them up our jackets.

Let’s skip the part how we get along to where we move from the times of Polaroids and mixtapes to selfies and Spotify playlists.

A part of me would twine up with a part of you. A frantic search through urban lanes.

Don’t mock me, well I can’t find stardust in the heart of cities standing on the carcasses of open constellations, but I blow winds into your hairs, for when you shine with your lips through the dust, you don’t get your stardust but I do get mine.

I would not wrap you with a sky of stars but I’ll have my jacket around your arms and my pair of hands to keep you warm when the night sets in, let’s not walk into the muddy strips of woods to find the perfect tree to kiss under,


Why not take a shortcut for that faulty neon light across the bridge that blinks and goes off for 5 seconds, winks and closes its eyes for 5 seconds and in those few seconds, we find our oblivion- a perfect kiss between two imperfect lovers.

Shouldn’t we be these beings seeping into each other’s bodies mending our cavities with threaded joys?

Later we cuddle up; hug tight and we sit still against our backs lovingly and then again lovingly

“Hey cute evil!
I used up your free burger coupons
Die and go to hell
No, not without you.”

– Anubhav Majumdar

(Featured image source: http://ava7.com/romantic/love-couples/love-couple-black-kiss-faces-window-minimalistic-wallpaper.htm)

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