Socially trained minds

“Dear heart, please don’t feel too much.”
“Dear mind, please don’t think much.”

These are thoughts, we all think about at one or another point of our lives. We are socially trained minds. We always want ourselves to be socially correct, after all the (intriguing or forceful?) thoughts in our mind.

What makes our lives difficult?

It’s our thought process. Many people agree to that and many more will, but we as already trained. We enjoy being captured in our false egos of being correct every time. We are not correct. Believe me, we are the most incorrect and critical species on this planet. And the reason is, we learn. We learn and then we manipulate ourselves accordingly to make the so called improvement and that is again based upon our past experiences.

We learn and manipulate, that’s the starting point of every problem.

We are not going to settle in our lives, because all we think about is manipulating ourselves, and then we perceive it as an outcome we like. But it never happens because we are human beings and we can’t get satisfaction with what we have. We need something else. Sometimes our whole lives get washed away in figuring out what that something else is.

One more issue with people who have these ‘socially trained minds’ is that the ‘something else’ is greater than the one who thinks normally. The reason is, the learning capability of a great mind is higher than that of an ordinary mind. And if the mind has high order thinking it starts finding that something else.

What is this ‘something else’? What is the ultimate destination? Why can’t we find the destination?

The reason is our social thought process, and our knowledge, our status and our responsibilities. This could be an answer. But think about, if you will be able to get your lives again? Is it a yes or a no? Yes for those who believe in rebirth. I don’t believe in it so I consider it a no. No, we will not get this life again. We will not about to get even a single extra second.

So why burden ourselves with these so called ‘socially trained thoughts’? Are these thoughts giving us pleasure? Pleasure to live? May be yes for some people and they can be content with it.

But if it’s a no. Then think. Please think.

-Pallvi Joshi

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