The healing madness

It was at night in the garden of weed
When I was anxiously searching for an OCB
And my desperation explained my OCD
When I saw you standing in front of my flaws,
And behind my dreams.

(You pulled one from falling and pushed another forward.)

You came with a perfect roll,
And crushed marijuana instead of my heart.
You roach it on my left hand
And kiss the scar of my right.
I kneel on this sight.

(You kneel with me.)

I look into your eyes to know your plight
And you strip each cloth over your skin,
We grin and admit our sins.
Asking each other, soul to mate
“Where have you been?”

(We were madness.)

I looked at stars to speculate if I am dreaming,
You did the same looking at me.
My reams of paper scream,
And your eyes gleam.
We both are dreams.

(And now we are healing.)

– Shantam Sahai

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