“I will not let anyone take away what’s standing in front of me.”

It was my imperfect skin
On yours that made it perfect.
When you started completing
My incomplete sentences
And I felt what you couldn’t understand
About yourself.

Maybe then it was it.
Maybe then we fell in love.
When we shared the same dream
In different ways
And when those different ways
Didn’t matter.
Maybe then it was it.
Maybe then we both found
A soul mate.

I will put it as-
We were known strangers,
But unknown companions.
Unlike likeness, you were nothing
Like a cigarette.
You didn’t ruin me
And I unloved self harm.

And unlike likeness, I was nothing
Like your favorite song.
I became your home
And I healed you.
Look at it and it’s the same,
Just like us.

Dedicated to my Gin.
“Humein na kise baat ka darr hai aur na kise baat ki jaldi.”

– Shantam Sahai

One Reply to “Flawless”

  1. “They love watching us burn,
    But they don’t know who we are.”
    The thing is that, this describes you guys so well, Shantam what you wrote, that makes me so happy.
    And I do suggest, improving that ending note.
    Umm. All I can say is best of all the luck in the world, Saumya & Shantam.

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