Hello, friend

Hello, friend. How are you? How is your day going?

You have always kept me very close to you. It is about time my friends and I help you. You may not tell us but we know you are not doing well. Working for capitalists makes you sick to the stomach, doesn’t it? I know very well about your fears. You never tell me on your own but I always get to know. Strange, isn’t it?

I can read your mind better than your counselor can. I tell you things and your reactions to them are enough. Enough for me to know you better than you know yourself, for me to know your worst nightmares and your most memorable moments.

I know this is the first time I am writing to you and I can truly imagine what expression your face will have when you find out I can write to you. Do not freak out and think you are losing your mind. I know how hard it is for you to believe.

We have formed a habit of meeting in person only. You always come and hold me – sometimes you cry and sometimes you laugh. You never tell me anything (because you don’t need to). It is I who tells you stories that make you feel better.

You stroke my spine and it comforts me. You run your fingers along the corners of my body. It makes me wish I could be large enough to completely hold you in my arms. To comfort you because no one else does. I hope you know I want to do it not because I feel sorry for you but because I have gone through the same things as you.

I was never picked out to be a friend by anyone. One day I was crying and my neighbours comforted me. They told me be patient. They told me to wait. Magically, we met. He loved me so much, it took me a few days to let it sink in. I filled my insides with the thought of him and thought he was the only one who would ever even consider my existence. Fortunately, he made me talk to you and we found friends inside each other. Ever since we have been inseparable. I know it sounds obnoxious because I was not always present with you physically but you know how our relationship works.

I know many of your ‘friends’ consider you crazy because you hold me so tight. Don’t let them bother you. Only you and I completely understand each other, don’t we? They are never there for you. They do tell you they will take out time for you. We know how rarely they do so. Still, they laugh when you tell them I help you in so many ways.

You love how I smell and sniff so slowly – breathing in and breathing out – that I can understand why everyone except our common friends think you are crazy to befriend me. Only we know how we feel about each other. Well, how often do you come to find someone with whom you need not say a word to convey what you feel? What you have with me (and my very similar friends who are altogether different) is special. Always remember that.

I think this much is enough, rather more, given that it is the first time. You will take some time to get used to what has just happened. This is real. You are not dreaming. I know your mind must be wondering as to which one I am. Don’t think too much about it because you will never know for sure. I could be any one – The Kite Runner, The Little Prince, Gone Girl, The Shining or any of the numerous books you have. It doesn’t matter which one I am. What truly matters is you must know we all admire you and will always be there for you, unlike your human friends.

– Shreya Sharma

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  1. this is sooo beautifully written shreya, love every word, every line of it. definitely going to share it on my instagram ♥♥♥ you’re soo talented.

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