The Devil’s Asymptote

With a million paradigm shifts we go through, every waking moment of ours, we spawn a fragmented bond with each of those entities, and with every shudder of this harmony, every flicker of these shifts going berserk, the entropy of the very being we claim to possess, increases.

Being selfless becomes a vague concept, amidst all the choices we make. The worshippers of chaos would agree, as the selfless philosophies, no matter how blurred their foundations are, converge in this continuum, the possibility of the existence of at least one vector point having infinite entropy becomes more solid.

Does it imply that selfish ideologies or the ones pertaining to egoism will lead to a stable cosmos?

The progression isn’t much complex, here goes : a selfless ideology function (with its output being reflected rather than absorbed at its origin), traversing most of the points in the time-space, hardly undergoing any loops during its vagabond journey, would keep on liberating energy at a non linear rate and thus causing the first derivative to be an increasing function. Thus increasing the entropy and thus contributing to chaos!

A selfish ideology is, however, loopy. It can be a perpetual one or exhaustive but all it does is implode and thanks to the feedback to its origin, the contribution of such ideologies to the chaos is minimal, mathematically speaking.

From a non mathematical eye, selfishness might lead to all the vices and we all know where the vice train leads to. Yes, that’s correct, The Chaos Central!



Roots of this contradiction may lie in the perspective with which we see events occurring and recurring as well. After all we cannot plot feelings on a Cartesian plane. However, in a dimension where quantity is no longer a variable or a constant for that matter, a set of axes can be devised on which ideologies can be plotted as a function. Though, it is highly unlikely for those functions to behave mathematically. All we can expect is a set of analogies and a plethora of hypothesis.

As an event conceives, it triggers an algorithm of compatibility with this universe, where bases are time and space. Is the point where this algorithm exhausts, the advent of chaos?

Destiny, peace, truth and death, are few more such functions those would leave us bewildered if we even start to imagine them as mathematical functions. Maybe existence of infinity gives us room. Room to stack up all of the unanswered questions which are, maybe, a leap of faith away to be solved.

The question remains, is chaos achievable at infinity? Or is extreme order there?

After all, the endless river might be circular!

– Chandra Prakash Verma


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