What are the Masks hiding?

The man on the stage
the man in the front
and the man at the back
such was
the system of the world.
As they huddled together to learn
but only one spoke
and one listened
and one heard.
They all carried masks.
The man on the stage
wore of that dominancy.
The man at the back
of ignorance.
And the man in the front?
His face often peeking out
from the behind of the mask.

So masks, masks everywhere.
What are they hiding?
The light of ourselves
or the pain out-crying?
The fear of ourselves
or the terror arising?
So many questions
but no one is answering.

And masks, masks everywhere.
But why are we hiding?
Standing up
to fall
and no one is helping.
Covering our eyes
because the sun is blazing.
And we put up a mask,
because somehow,
it seemed easy.

Thus masks, mask everywhere.
Let’s hide ourselves because,
The world is watching.

– Pragya Sherawat


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