Freedom or Love?

You are a character I constructed with the distinctiveness of my choice. A character who was not subjected to situationism. Probably that was the reason that even my script couldn’t make you fall in love with me. You were always my freedom. Hence, I could never let you be bound to me.

A non-realistic dream. Yet, the most honest one.

Many assessed you on the domain of my personality. Their method was judgement. But you were my case study, the one with no subjectivity. Hence, the base of their evaluation was broken. You were termed the result of my aching heart, but you weren’t created unidimensional. You are complex! Not a line as an aggregate of my emotions, neither a point which occupies no space.

Rather, a locked box which had my immaturity as its prisoner. You have your dimensions.

Immaturity was a disguise of a delusion, I perceived it as love. The delusion was unique and beautiful, but its price was my freedom. Since freedom was rational, I found it unattractive. But somehow, I kept pondering over the decision for an endless time.

Finally, I created you.

I let love be my fantasy. So that, freedom can be my reality.

-Shantam Sahai


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