I try to heal everyone
Yet I find humans running out of me.

Yes I am time, having unlimited names and dimensions to me.

I am the story of Yin Yang,
Marked by numbers representing
The sequence of happy and sad
Residing together in me.

They called me ‘the spring’
When I was young
Since I was active, joyful and filled with glee.

They soaked themselves in my sunrise and sunsets and felt more free.

Oh yes, they called me the sunrise
When I wished they knew I don’t light myself
But rather ignite their souls
So they have a fresh beginning after every chapter.

Oh yes, they called me the sunset
When I wished they knew I wasn’t passing out
But rather painting beautiful shades
Of crimson and yellow that adorned the sky.

They called me ‘the fall’
When I was getting old
Since I shed my leaves and snow..

I experienced the other side
Of me when I was turning myself slow.
They celebrated my aging
Called this part of me ‘festive’.

I realized I have a phenomenal talent of aging even though I am immortal.

They called my Renaissance their ‘new year’ and hence I was born again.

– Muskan Raina

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