A Roof with Secrets

I sit in a room of strange nothingness.
A room with no walls, yet a roof.
The roof is standing on a choice.
A choice of isolation.
But what is it made of?
Well that is a secret.

Over the roof are sun rays.
Sun rays that love me.
They try to break through the roof
To reach my teary eyes,
To make me cry and relieve me
Of all the burden the roof weighs.

They see this as a chaotic battle.
My loved ones try to save me
From the dark that resides in me.
While they think, I am trying to save them
From the demons that reside in that dark.

The sun rays want to scatter the roof
To make walls that will protect me.
They are not aware though,
If the roof collapses, it will fall on me.

My choice on which the roof stands maybe defeated,
But they won’t be able to scatter the roof.
Because it is not made of white light they assume,
Which will scatter to form a beautiful rainbow.

Rather, let me reveal my secret-
It is pure black.
The roof is made of my sins.
I am sure, no one was aware of that.

– Shantam Sahai


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