I Dreamt of Flying

Wings grow to tear open my back,

Black and flawless, marvelously they shine.

At the edges I bleed and I bleed severely.
It was difficult to achieve but I achieved-
Through all the pain that burnt my will.

Because I dreamt of flying.

As soon as I tried to fly,
Cuffs were tied to my feet
With the weight of expectation on them.

It pulled me down; beneath my potential,
Underneath my grave, I sit and wait
For the departure of the ghosts that haunt me.

I still possess those wings.
Though the ghosts possess me.
They couldn’t cut my wings
But made me heavy enough.
For me, not to fly.

I wait for an exorcist to rescue me.
Who will bound my freedom from restriction.

– Shantam Sahai

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