The Tale of Icimorg and Zephlea

In a country not known to most, deep down in a huge cave, there lived a dragon named Icimorg. Just like his kin, he was strong and killing with ice was his forte. Unlike most dragons, he used to exhale ice, whose shards could kill the strongest man.

Once upon a time, a knight named Jack Zephlea started his journey to the cave to kill Icimorg. He was a nonconformist who was nonchalant about the dragon. Jack lived in the city of Impellon where the people made a living by selling huge blocks of ice. With the oncoming of summer, storing ice became a major problem for the people of Impellon. Though everyone knew about the cave near their city, no one had the courage to go near a live dragon.  Jack Zephlea was a man of his word, and set out to kill the dragon so that all the ice getting wasted in the cave could be utilised.

The cave was near Impellon. Zephlea reached the small hill, near which the cave was located, in less than an hour. The zephyr made him close his eyes and smile, while the sight of edelweiss filled him with joy. What Jack wasn’t aware of was the fact that a group of people were following him. Their intentions weren’t bad, they were just too eager to know everything.

Without wasting any time, Zehplea entered the cave and the people hiding outside were gobsmacked by his courage.

When Jack entered the cave, all he could see was ice. There was no sign of a dragon. But soon he discovered, after lots of walking, that it was not an ordinary small cave. It was huge. He saw the dragon a little while later and decided to wake him from his slumber. He took out his sword and hit the ice really hard. Soon, cracks started to develop. And then, the dragon was awake. He stood on all fours in front of the knight. The blue coloured eyes of Icimorg made Zephlea feel cold and made him forget that a warm heart was beating inside his body.

Outside, the people felt the earth tremble and soon saw streams of blood flowing out from the cave.

The people of Impellon heard a sound. The knell. But that was not enough to tell them who had died.

A few hours later, the people of Impellon observed a group of people carrying Zephlea, who was badly injured. He was injured, but alive. Icimorg was dead. Shards of ice were pierced in his skin and blood so dark it seemed to be black, was flowing out of it. His left leg had been completely cut, which exacerbated the situation. But this was nothing to Jack. The pain did not matter to him, for he had won the hearts of the people of Impellon.

A few days later, the wraith of Icimorg killed Zephlea in his sleep. The people never got to know how he died. They paid him their respect and bid him farewell. On his tomb, they placed a block of ice.

And you might just be sitting above that piece of land where Zephlea’s tomb was, with a golliwog in your hand, thinking that creatures like dragons never existed.

– Shreya Sharma

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