I fell in Love with the Idea of You

Love, we all have inside us;

An intrinsic property of our heart.
You cannot get it out of your heart or soul.
Love is good and love is wholeness
But love is a teacher too,
Love is a subject, an Experiment.
A stake when you do not fall in love with a person,
But an idea.
An idea of a person,
A person who is not what you have perceived them as.
Is there anything stranger than falling in love with an illusion?
With a reflection?
With the passage of time,
I have learned that falling in love with a dream
Is like doing yourself a favor,
A favor to exist in a better way.
When you fall in love with the concept of someone,
You are actually falling in love with your own self.
You are falling in love with a mirror,
That is the other person
Whatever you see in them is all in you.
Whatever good you see in them
Is actually all the goodness there is inside you.
But you can not identify it
So you go out looking for it in others.
It has been said that falling in love
With the idea of someone is cruel, harsh
And that it will leave you in pieces.
Though there are always two sides of a coin, right?
So, maybe when you are falling in love with a fantasy,
A deception of being you are slowly falling in love
With all the smiles you plastered on your face
When your family could not identify the goodness in you.
You are slowly falling in love with the all nights you cried,
While sitting on your bathroom floor
And counted your flaws on your fingers.
Maybe when you are falling in love
With the silence when someone says that artists are no ones.
And, being a artist that you are,
You had never been able to see it yourself,
But when that person shatters
The glass you come to realize
That it was all in your head,
And a part of it was all in you.
– Hafsa Usmani

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