Reaching the land of no dimension

I stand alone, facing chaos. With my head shaved, pieces of iron pressed upon my scalp increasing the strain on my brain, I see people killing each other. Killing their loved ones, with the remaining limbs and blood flowing out of their eyes, I am scared of the evil laughter that echoes around the streets of my home. The same streets which were once filled with the spirit of festivity, now seem to be my worst nightmare. All the belongingness that our neighborhood emitted, is being consumed by a black hole.

My eyes move towards the ground in disgust, to glare upon the corpses that still shiver and are drenched in black blood. Between this dungeon of hell I see a baby, who looks like a pearl. But his white flesh is being ruined by the black blood, which is burning pure-white skin like tar. I try to move forward to save him, but I can’t move. Like my life has been paused while the rest of the world is still going on! I won’t move, but my vision will see the baby passing into the womb of death and my ears hear the infinite cries, that will probably surround me forever.

Drops of blood, flowing out of the remains of my nails and teeth fall upon the scars of the ruptured road, that has never been repaired. The same nails and teeth, I just thought of destroying to express my guilt and anxiousness to no one but myself. My mind tried to bite and scratch the wall. And my blood too, is turning black! My vision starts to blur and I accept my approaching death.

I open my eyes in mid of the same chaos. Out of self-pity, I start to scream and cry. I gasp and my breathing stops, I question my misery. Just then, out of nowhere sudden rays of light reflect upon my back, making my edges shine and converting my front body into a shadow. All my wounds are healed, the corpses disappear, the sounds are fading and I feel my eyes heavy and my head free, before I faint again.

I wake up on a no dimension land, full of light and everything’s white. I see no remains of my past life. I look above and think of a night sky full of stars. And with the magic of time, I see the sky forming, and like little drops of water, the stars are placed in the galaxy to twinkle over the retina of my eye. It took sometime but I did realize, that the previous year has ended and a New Year is approaching.

– Shantam Sahai

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