Angel, made of fire

He inquired, in the matter of, whether I needed him to stay. I went puzzled. Do I require him? a question my brain asked my heart. Off course! Regardless, I cant compel myself to show him my scars, the ones i have buried long ago. I have always been hurt. I cant give him the ability to hurt me by letting him know that I require him, that I oblige his shoulder so that these tears can stream and never stop. I can’t tell him that I require him, to haul out this fake lively shroud that I wear, or , that I need him to vent everything out. Also, somewhere I am unnerved, scared, that I will at some point or another rely on upon him. This silence inside me is killing me. How would I let him know, I am an illusion. A nightmare. I am the dull cloud on a sunny day. He said I was an Angel. Yes! the one made of fire. I know he will have to go, abandoning me like a wrecked ship. In this way, as I stay here on the shoreline and the tears continue falling inside my drained eyes, I take a stick… and, begin to compose on sand….. “Angels too require a guardian..”..the next minute… the waves come in and wash it all away.

– Sumbul Ghori

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