The Daily Routine

I am sitting here on a Friday morning, hands over my head. Sitting just after I opened my eyes for a new day. I woke up with the thought of you again, nothing new! I think about all the things we used to do, all the words we’d say when our eyes collide.
I get up, thinking about you.

I make some coffee for myself, thinking how I used to think, I would be doing this for you someday and wake you up with a kiss.
I try really hard to let go of all your memories, but they are just stuck in my heart like planets are stuck in the galaxy and they keep revolving around my heart, like it’s the sun.
All the songs I hear, I wonder if they are just to remind me that I still care!
Finally I admit, I still love you and I will always and nothing’s going to change. I let my smile get hold of my lips now instead of letting tears get hold of my eyes. I remember the moments we spent together, the words that used to make you smile.

Suddenly, I notice the sky getting dark and stars picking their spot and shining.
In the end, I forgive you for all the blunders you’ve caused, I forgive you for all the scars you engraved in my heart, I forgive you for not loving me forever as you promised.
I close my eyes, still thinking of you.
But this time again and unwillingly, tears dominate and the smile fades away. Slowly, without my knowledge I happen to be dreaming after awhile.

– Naman Shrestha

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