Love and hypocrisy

Like a winner, I was taking a walk
Down the lane of emotions
As soon as I took a few steps,
All eyes turned to me
One saw me with hatred-
For that was his nature,
The other saw me with jealousy-
For that was what he was made of
The one made from jealousy and I,
We share a very deep connection
He wants to consume me whole-
But I’m strong and can control
Everyone desires me, I can understand why-
My name is Love and I shine bright
But only one thing I do not understand-
The reason behind everyone desiring me
And then not believing in me when a person
Betrays their trust

I remember –
A girl once desired me
Praying to Him all day- and then he came,
The love of her life and she loved me the most
But one day he left her and she told me to walk away,
‘Do not come to me, what may’ said she,
Crying inconsolably,
And I said to myself ‘What a hypocrite!’

– Shreya Sharma

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